ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY DOG GROOMER: Notes From The Grooming Table by Melissa Verplank


Dog grooming belly-strap for easy handling, extra comfort, support and safety of the abdomen area.

*** The belly-strap is currently sold-out but MORE are being made. If you would like to reserve one, please send me an email directly c.taylor20[at] ***

Handmade in England and built to last. Brought to YOU. By ME. :-)

You can order directly below.
Sturdy construction with double-strength webbing to support small / medium / large dogs.
Please note that the belly-strap is a universal size to fit MOST breeds (eg not appropriate for small and tea-cup). Includes strong metal loops so that you can adjust the length to suit the dog’s size or height of the arm of the grooming table.
** Colour of the strap and padding will vary ** Choose either PINK or BLUE **

Colin Jigsaw belly-strap

Here is what Lesley Garratt from Canine Design Academy of Grooming has to say:

Can highly recommend the belly straps sold by Colin Taylor – particularly for old, frail, overweight or infirm dogs – they give them brilliant support and are really comfortable.

The belly-strap is £35 plus postage.
Follow the PayPal purchase path below, but please make sure to select the posting option carefully.
Make sure you order either the PINK belly-strap OR the BLUE one.
YES, COLIN – please hold a PINK belly-strap for me and make my dog grooming and my life easier !
SORRY the PINK belly-strap is currently sold-out. :-(

YES, COLIN – please hold a BLUE belly-strap for me and make my dog grooming and my life easier !
SORRY the BLUE belly-strap is currently sold-out. :-(


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