ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY DOG GROOMER: Notes From The Grooming Table by Melissa Verplank


Chris Christensen Kool Colours Wood Pin brushes

Thanks Julie from Smart-Petz for writing in with this recommendation.

I can’t groom without my Chris Christensen Kool Colours wood pin brushes, especially great on sensitive skin dogs. And I mix with Les Pooch brushes – another favourite when fluff drying my mostly Bischon clients… great for other breeds of course.

Julie has good taste. And I can vouch for her recommendations.
For the way I work – in a busy salon with other groomers – I go through a lot of brushes. So I normally opt for the cheaper priced ones. Something like Frank’s Universal Standard Brush suits me fine. And it’s less than £4 per brush. And cheaper again if you buy in bulk.
It all gets very personal of course. And you have to decide what works best for you. What gets you the best results.
So here is my advice. If you’re a solo groomer – and take care of your possessions – then you can probably justify the more expensive brush. If you work in a busy salon with other groomers – who don’t treat your brushes as well as you might like – then consider the less expensive options.

2 Responses to “Brushes”

  1. Julie Moorcroft says:

    Hi Colin: I sale prep show horses as well as groom dogs and one of the best products I have come across in years is made by KBF99. If you check out their website there in England you will see they have some great recommendations. Started using their brushes on my smooth coated dogs and the results were nothing short of spectacular. They are also showing great results in the grooming shop on customers’ dogs that have allergies and skin problems. I know you like new things – so check these out. Give my regards to Peter, the owner of the company and please let him know I recommended you. Have a great day and a great time with this very very cool product.

  2. Have you tried the bass bamboo brushes? They are a gift from heaven!