ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY DOG GROOMER: Notes From The Grooming Table by Melissa Verplank

Master Groom 5th Anniversary 25-26 April 2015

Master Groom is now in its FIFTH year !!

It’s coming up on Sat/Sun 25-26 April 2015.

Same location as last year: The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park nr. Coventry.

For ALL information, please visit:

xx Colin

Master Groom 2014 dates announced and registration opens

I’m excited!

Now in its fourth year, Master Groom will be held on Sat / Sun 26 – 27 April 2014 at The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LZ.

All the details are in the press release, click here OR go to

Precious by Colin Taylor

For years, I dreamt of launching my own collection of shears. And earlier this year I was proud to come out with my own limited edition collection: Precious by Colin Taylor.

The scissors have only been available directly from me at shows. Or from my workshops. But, hey, I’ve done a lot of shows. Kicking off with the launch at Crufts in March. Followed by MasterGrooom, English Groomers Challenge, AusGroom Down Under, events in Canada and the US. And more.

If you weren’t able to track me down to get your hands on a pair, I have good news. The collection is now available to buy online. Just take a look here. Or ring me at the salon in London on 020 8964 3231.

Pet Gazette article about my book launch

Colin Taylor launches book at Crufts 2013

To read the full article click here

Wanna be on Televison?

Looking for YOUR 15 minutes or more of FAME ?

I was contacted today by a production company. They are creating a show for the BBC and want to feature small / independent businesses competing with each other in various industry-related tasks.

So, for example, they’ll have three bakers or florists or car dealers (no mention of undertakers) in friendly rivalry with each other in one of their shows.

Here’s the cool part: they want dog groomers to take part. Now that’s a show I’d like to see!

This could be great exposure for you, and for dog grooming in general. So here’s your chance!

This is the blurb they sent me:

Based on a celebration of the best of British businesses, a brand new BBC series
marks a momentous year in our great history.

Each episode will see three small/independent businesses in the same town, supplying
the same market, showcasing just why they feel they are at the top of their game.
All three business owners will take part in and score each other in light-hearted
industry based tasks, testing their products, services and performance in a fun and
entertaining way. From Florists to Bakeries, to Car Dealers and Dog Groomers, no
stone is unturned. At the end of each episode one business will be crowned Best in

We want business owners who are:

Interested applicants can either call us on 020 7739 1149 or email

As part of our campaign for everyone to take part in this great opportunity, putting
their businesses and town on the map, I’d be grateful if you could include these
details of the application on your website or in your membership newsletters as one
of the shows will feature the world of Dog Groomers and Pet Shop Owners!

Good luck to everyone who applies to take part!

xx Colin

Suck it up Henry!

Suck it up Henry – and Hetty, Charles, James too!

I was recently at a friend’s salon, looking at the ways they work, showing them a few time-saving techniques when grooming dogs.

It came time to clean up the salon afterwards – so out came the broom and the mop and a heap of cleaning products. It’s like they say: a clean salon is next to godliness. Or something like that.

But then I noticed Henry. Sitting in the corner. Smiling. But not doing a thing. And we were all cleaning up.

Have you met Henry? Or any of his siblings: Hetty, Charles and James?

To see a picture of Henry and discover what I’m on about, click here. I am shocked to have to reveal a time-saving technique that you should be using in your dog grooming salon, if you aren’t already. Be warned. This might be a Homer Simpson moment.

Click here.

xx Colin

US Thanksgiving and belly-straps

You’re likely aware that Thursday was Thanksgiving in the US.

I spent more than 20 years in the US and always loved this holiday – mainly because it’s the start of the Christmas season and I love Christmas.

But Thanksgiving always meant over-doing things just a bit. Good friends, good food, good wine, a little too much good food and good wine.

Yep. You know what I mean.

The next day is Black Friday. It’s a big shopping day when the stores offer all kinds of crazy discounts on flat screen televisions and the latest must-have gadgets. People will start lining up outside the shops on the night before, camping out on the sidewalk so that they can be part of the mad rush once the doors open.

Apparently it’s called ‘Black’ Friday because, historically, this is when the shop owners would move ‘out of the red’ (loss) and ‘into the black’ (profit). Not sure where I heard that. Wikipedia probably.

So what does Thanksgiving have to do with belly-straps?

Absolutely nothing, despite what you might have been thinking.

…Although, the belly-strap that we make here at the Colin Taylor Academy is proving itself to be one of those must-have gadgets. These are all hand-made at my partners’ workshop in London, very hard-wearing and practical. We can only make these in limited amounts at a time but I have just added some more to ebay.

Click here for a description.

You’ve got to click here if only for the pictures because these include one of me with my Lurcher Jigsaw modelling the new belly-strap.

xx Colin

ProGroomer: Colin Taylor is Mary Portas of the UK dog grooming industry?

Move over Mary, here comes Colin

She’s got a way with words, she does. I was recently profiled by Sarah Furneaux at ProGroomer.
The retail industry has its Queen of shops Mary Portas, the hotel industry Alex Polizzi, and now the grooming industry has Colin Taylor!

I love it. Thanks Sarah. To read the complete article, click here.

British Dog Grooming Championship 2012


Drop everything. Forget about having a lie-in or planning Sunday Roast with your friends and family and loved ones.


This Sunday October 28th is the British Dog Grooming Championship. It’s being held at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire. And the word is there are about 140 competitors. That’s a record number of groomers competing.


The great thing about competing is that the preparation and the doing is great practise for developing our grooming skills. You don’t have to be competitive, to compete. That may sound strange, but it’s true.


I always encourage students on my dog grooming courses in London to consider competitions. Even just going as a spectator. Not only is it exciting to watch, but there is plenty to learn and lots of other dog groomers to meet and talk to. As well as various suppliers always coming out with something new and exciting.


As many of you will know, if you’re running your own dog grooming salon, it can get a bit ‘isolating’ at times. Attending the British Dog Grooming Championship and other events and competitions reminds us that there really is a community of dog groomers out there, just like us, with lots of the same questions and challenges.


Well, what a great opportunity to meet other members of this community!


Plus, I’ll be there. I am delivering a workshop first thing on Sunday about Structure and Movement. So you’ll definitely not want to miss that. After that I’ll be mingling – catching up with past students, making new friends – and I’ve got a stand to talk about the training I am providing now, plus some other goodies.


To find out more: click here.


Pet Business World: Champion dog groomer opens London training school

Pet Business World 11 Oct 12

I am honoured and pleased for this story to feature on “the leading website for the UK pet trade.”


The full story on pbw news is here: Pet Business World.