ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY DOG GROOMER: Notes From The Grooming Table by Melissa Verplank


Remember the days of having all our dogs’ information on recipe cards? Stored alphabetically in little plastic boxes.
The cards get taken out. They sometimes go missing. The hand-writing is totally indecipherable.
If a customer has two dogs, what do I do? Staple the cards together? Anyway, it was all getting too messy.
So I upgraded to an Excel spread-sheet a few years ago. Which felt so professional. But it was cumbersome. It would take me ages to scroll through the list and find a customer quickly and easily.
So I’ve been looking for the right customer database. Something user-friendly. Something that belonged to the 21st century.
I tried a couple of so-called CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management). Just free trials. But these were never a perfect fit for dog grooming.
And then I came across PetStar’s Pet Schedule. The system is designed specifically for dog groomers, but also dog walkers or pet sitters etc.
It’s FREE to use. But it gives me the ability, for example, to purchase credits for automated text or email messages. Appointment confirmations. Appointment reminders. Which is brilliant.
No more no-shows. No more having to ring up a late-running customer. Because PetStar is doing the reminding for me.
My customers are loving it too. They appreciate the reminder. The service. It’s suddenly making me look all professional and organised.
To find out more about PetStar Pet Schedule, visit their website here: