ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY DOG GROOMER: Notes From The Grooming Table by Melissa Verplank


Help with Marketing
Jill Matthews runs a successful dog grooming business in Australia. She has a great knack for Marketing and has written the following guide:
Dog Groomers: How to Market your Grooming Business in the 21st Century
It’s easy-to-read, full of sensible advice, totally down-to-earth. She really cares and you can sense this in her writing. It’s like having a friend talk to you. Loads of good information here. Click here to see more.

Additional things to consider for your existing business
Whether it’s adding retail to our salon, or dog-walking and dog-sitting, maybe baking ‘pupcakes’ or holding pooch parties, we sometimes need to supplement our business with other products and services.
The following opportunities will give you something to think about when it comes to growing your business. Take a look and see if there is something here that can help your business benefit:
Dog Grooming Massage Course – this is an easy fit for an established dog grooming business. My friend Zoe in Singapore developed this course – which you can easily add on to your grooming. Learn dog massage, then offer it to your customers. Perhaps start by promoting it one day or evening a week. You have the salon space for it. See what kind of response you get. There are many dog owners looking for holistic solutions to their dog’s hip dysplasia or other ailments. A weekly gentle massage will be beneficial. And this is what it’s about. Using our passion and talent for dog welfare that helps us make a living. Good luck – and let me know how it goes. Click here.
Dog-walking and Dog-Sitting – another easy fit but comes with a LOAD of responsibility. If you don’t already offer dog-walking or dog-sitting, your customers are likely asking you for recommendations. I am a nervous nelly when it comes to having dogs in my care so I personally couldn’t offer this. BUT, if you’re thinking about offering it, make sure you do it right! This course is the A to Z of setting up a dog-walking dog-sitting business. Click here.
The Dog Training System – as groomers we know that dog handling is sometimes half the battle. With this course you can improve your own dog handling. Go through the training and come out the other side as an expert handler. Then share your knowledge and skills with customers who need training for their dog. All the courses here come with money-back guarantees so, if this isn’t for you, you have nothing to lose. Click here for the Dog Training System.
Add Gourmet Dog Treats to your business – here is something you can do from home while watching television (when does X-Factor start again?). Baking. I love baking. There are hundreds of recipes in this course – but the course is about how to create a profitable business from gourmet dog biscuits. It’s an easy add-on to your existing business. Comes with a money-back guarantee so there is no risk to you if you’re not 100 per cent thrilled. Click here.
Developing your expertise and knowledge
Going Raw – we get so many people coming thru the doors asking us about the raw food diet, or BARF (biologically appropriate raw food). If you want a good guide to help you understand the raw food diet for dogs, this is it (totally biased but informative). Honestly, I don’t have Jigsaw on it – but he likes a piece of raw chicken now and again. You’ll need a fridge or freezer but you can consider stocking raw for your customers. Take a look here.
Dog Skin Solutions - we’re groomers so we’re supposed to know all about dog coat and skin conditions. Under the Veterinary Surgeon’s Act, we’re not allowed to provide a diagnosis when we see skin conditions like redness between the toes, alopecia and hair loss, dry flaky skin. But we can suggest natural home remedies or possible causes if the dog owner isn’t getting anywhere with vet treatments (and this advice reassures customers). This is an excellent guide by Linda Kajda told with great enthusiasm from her own experience. Click here to see her story.