ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY DOG GROOMER: Notes From The Grooming Table by Melissa Verplank

Rule Number One for every dog grooming salon

Can you guess what this is?

It has the potential to change your business radically.

All the work, time and effort that you have put into your career
could all be transformed by failing to follow Rule Number One.

Do you have this Rule posted in your salon? Maybe on the bathroom

Do you have this Rule imprinted on the brain of every member of
your business?

If you were, right now, this very instant, to ask your staff -
whether that is yourself, your receptionist, your dog groomer,
your assistant, even the builder or electrician who is visiting
your salon for a day – what Rule Number One is, would they be able
to tell you without hesitating?

You had better make sure everybody involved directly or indirectly
in your business knows what Rule Number One is.

Rule Number One: Never, Ever, Let a Dog Escape.

It’s a simple rule. But boy is it critical to the success of our

If you don’t follow Rule Number One, your business could be ruined.

Take a moment today to ensure that you are following Rule Number
One correctly.

When a dog comes to you for grooming, always make sure the dog
stays on the lead when being handed over to you.

The entry to your salon must be controlled. Make sure there is never
a free passage between the salon and the front door.

Perhaps you use a baby gate or Dutch door in your salon.
Make sure it is high enough and securely attached that a dog will
never be able to jump over it or knock it out of the way.

After grooming, inspect the collar and lead to make sure they are
secure. If the dog slips its collar on the way home, it will be
your fault.

How about door handles? Dogs are clever. It’s hard for them to turn
a round door knob. But some of them know how to push down a lever
handle. Change the lever so that you have to pull it up instead of
push down to open.

I know many of you are sticklers about this sort of thing. Good.
I’m glad. Let’s all be sticklers about Rule Number One.

xx Colin